How to Find a Great Auto Repair Shop

If your car is giving you any sort of trouble you are likely going to be searching the web to find a great mechanic in your area. There are several things to check for as you conduct your search, all of which will help ensure you find a great auto repair shop. Your car is a massive investment, so be sure you only allow a mechanic that will offer great care and service to handle the repairs it needs. Never utilize unlicensed services offered online, as this could end up costing you more money than the repair is worth and leave you with a car in worse condition. Here are a couple things to look for in your hunt for an expert auto repair shop.

ASE Certified Mechanics

Always be sure of is that the shop you select to service your car employs ASE certified technicians. ASE, which stands for Automotive Service Excellence, is the industry standard when it comes to testing technicians’ skills, including those in customer service. A shop with certified employees will ensure you’re leaving your vehicle in well trained hands.

BBB Accredited Auto Repair

A BBB Accreditation can say a lot about a shop. What it means most is that it has been thoroughly evaluated by the Better Business Bureau to provide superior customer service and honest car care and repair.

Free Estimates

It is very important that an auto shop provides free estimates for repairs. You shouldn’t have to pay $100 just to find out what is wrong with your vehicle!

State Auto Inspections

If a car provides state auto inspections it means they understand just what needs to be done to your car to ensure it is legal to register. When it comes time for inspection you also don’t have to worry about finding a second trustworthy shop.

Scheduled Maintenance

Be sure the facility you choose conducts factory auto maintenance. This means that the vehicle can be completely taken care of by the technicians at the shop, including conducting warranty services.

Complete Auto Repair

Perhaps what is most important is that the shop offers full service auto repair. That way you can leave it to them to conduct any repairs that are deemed necessary following an initial diagnosis. If you’re looking for this kind of auto repair shop in Plano, just outside of Dallas, head to Auto Fix It. We take care of all makes and models of vehicles at our bumper to bumper shop. Call us today at (972)509-4517 to request an appointment for outstanding auto maintenance in Plano!