Engine Replacement Dallas

Another day.  You go outside your Dallas home and get in your car or truck and start it up.  That’s different, its making a weird noise, that seem to be originating from under the hood!  It’s not a usual day now.  Time to call Auto Fix It! (972)509-4517

Is white steam, that appears to be smoke, billowing out of your tailpipe?  If so, that is a bad sign.  Both situations are symptoms of a bigger problem. Noises from your engine can be, especially knocking, a small or large issue but we cannot determine the cause until we get under the hood.

A minor cause could be a loose belt.  Something with an easy fix that doesn’t cost a lot to fix.  The words from your repairman that you dread to hear are “internal engine damage”.  That phrase tells you this repair is not going to be cheap.  Your main concern now is what are my options and which option will get me back on the road for the least amount of money?

If any symptom above or any other symptom arises, call Auto Fix It for Engine Repair and Replacement in Dallas.  We can replace or repair the engine in all types of cars and trucks, as deemed necessary.  The one thing that sets Auto Fix It apart from all other repair shops, in Dallas, is our ability to keep costs low while maintaining superior quality and customer service.  We will not sacrifice quality or reliability when it comes to repairing or replacing the engine in your vehicle.

Don’t let other repair shops trick you, not every internal engine issue necessitates replacing the engine. Our technicians have integrity and are experienced in multiple types of engine repairs, including timing chains, oil pumps, camshafts, valve jobs, and more. Thus, we may be able to recommend a suitable, cost friendly engine repair, if available.

Engine replacement, sometimes, is a better option than purchasing a new or used car.  For example, a comparable used car selling for several thousand dollars has an engine with many years of wear and tear and thousands of miles.  A new car has a new engine yet costs substantially more than a used car and probably years of car payments.  In contrast, a new engine replacement gives your car or truck a new lease on life.  Amazingly, a remanufactured engine can cost as little as 10% of the cost of a new car!

We install only the highest quality engines with a level of workmanship to match.  The engine replacement for your car or truck are factory rebuilt to guarantee performance like a new engine and for years to come.  We can repair many problems but sometimes it makes more sense to replace the engine.  We promise to be up front and will provide realistic advice to help in your decision.  You must weigh the cost of repair versus the life and future maintenance of an older engine.  Sometimes spending a little more and replacing the engine makes financial sense and will guarantee years of dependable service? For the best engine replacement in Dallas, stop by or give Auto Fix It a call today or complete our short online form!