Engine Diagnostics & Repair

Engine Diagnostics & Repair in Plano, TX

content-engine-topleft-225wThe engine is the heart of your car, providing the raw power that turns the wheels and gets you where you want to go. At Auto Fix It we utilize state of the art computer diagnostic and repair equipment to quickly identify and fix issues that your vehicle may be having. It is important to pay attention to your vehicle to see if it is trying to give you any warning signs of issues. Problematic symptoms may come in many forms, such as smells, vibrations odd noises, and of course, the check engine light. If you ever notice anything odd happening with your vehicle’s motor be sure to give Auto Fix It a call at?(972)509-4517?to schedule an appointment with our professional mechanics for?expert engine repair in Plano.

Computer Diagnostics

At our modern auto repair shop we are equipped with the most up to date computer aided diagnostic equipment that can read vehicle problems on any make and model of car, truck or SUV. Using computer diagnosing we can quickly pinpoint vehicle problems in order to get your vehicle back on the road in a fast and efficient manner.

Engine Repair in Plano

content-engine-botright-225wWhile major engine damage can strike without warning, it is rare. Such instances generally involve a snapped timing belt, which wreaks havoc on the interior of the engine. Most of the time however there is plenty of warning that something is amiss with your engine, giving you time to make an appointment with your us to prevent the chances of a break down. Pay close attention for these signs of engine trouble.

  • Engine Knocking Noise –?Indicates bad engine bearings.
  • Blue Exhaust Smoke –?Blue smoke is a sign that engine oil is being burned off.
  • Black Exhaust Smoke –?Black smoke can indicate excessive amounts of fuel are burning.
  • Engine Vibration –?If your vehicle is constantly vibrating, or vibration occurs during acceleration there is a good chance of engine trouble.
  • Gas Station Smell –?The smell of gasoline usually means a fuel leak.
  • Metal Flakes in Oil –?If you or your mechanic notices metal flakes in the used oil drained from your vehicle during an oil change it means there is improper lubrication in the engine and metal on metal contact is occurring.

Being able to read your vehicle’s troubling symptoms will ensure that you’re able to get to the auto repair shop before it is too late! For accurate and honest?engine repair in Plano?call Auto Fix It at?(972)509-4517?to request a free quote or schedule an appointment!