FAQ: State Auto Inspections

content-blog-topleft-225wIf your vehicle is due for a Texas State Emissions test you may be curious what you’re in for. In order to legally license your vehicle it needs to meet certain safety criteria and emissions regulations put in place by the state. If you have additional questions please contact your local state inspection facility.

Q. Where can I take my vehicle for a state inspection?

A. All testing must be done at a qualified testing center that meets certain state appointed criteria. This includes meeting space and equipment requirements, having qualified personnel on staff to complete the checks who have also passed a state background check and the facility must be able to properly handle all necessary paperwork.

Q. I have made changes to my vehicle’s engine, will it still pass the emissions test?

A. Your vehicle must retain all original manufacturer emission equipment in order to pass the emissions control test. These parts may include sensors or other mechanical parts such as:

  • EVAP – evaporative emission
  • CAT – catalytic convertor
  • SPK – spark control
  • FR – fillpipe restrictor
  • O2S – oxygen sensor
  • PCV – positive crankcase ventilation
  • ACL – air cleaner
  • AIS – secondary air injection
  • EGR – exhaust gas recirculation

Q. What is tested during an inspection?

A. Many parts and systems of the vehicle are tested during a state inspection. Many of the features are related to safety and must be properly working or in good condition such as the horn, windshield wipers, mirrors, steering system, seat belts, brakes, tires and the wheel assembly. Of course your exhaust system and exhaust emission system will be tested to ensure you’re meeting the proper environmental standards. Lighting will be checked as well, including tail lights, brake lights, license plate light, rear red reflectors, turn signals and headlights. Your Vehicle Identification Number, gas cap, and the legality of window tint will also be inspected.

If your car is due for an inspection remember that it must be completed within 5 days of the end of the month of which your current sticker expires. For state auto inspections in Plano bring your vehicle to Auto Fix It. We conduct inspections and if anything is found to be wrong with your vehicle we can fix it in our full service auto repair shop. Remember that if your car fails a test you are eligible for a free re-test as long as you have the issue resolved and you bring your vehicle back to the original test location within 15 days! Call Auto Fix It at (972)509-4517 to schedule an appointment for a state inspection or other auto maintenance service in Plano!