How do I know if I Need Suspension Repair?

The suspension system in your car has a lot of important responsibilities. It is not only tasked with providing you a comfortable ride, but also a safe one. The suspension’s safety roles include keeping all four wheels constantly on the ground to ensure that there is adequate braking power available when you need it and healthy suspension prevents the vehicle from rolling over or losing control during cornering, especially at higher speeds. If you experience any of these signs of suspension failure be sure to head to your local auto repair shop right away.

Roll over sensation

One of the scariest symptoms of suspension trouble is that gut wrenching feeling that your car is going to roll over. This will occur if the anti-sway bar, which is part of the suspension system, has failed. This part is tasked with shifting the vehicle’s center of gravity during cornering to prevent it from rolling over. If you ever get the feeling that you’re losing control of your car while cornering be sure to get in touch with your mechanic to have the issue resolved.

Oily struts

Vehicle struts utilize a special oil that allows them to absorb the bumps and cracks of the road. If this oil begins to leak from the struts it will be quite visible, and you will notice that your ride is a bit more jarring. If you feel like your ride comfort has decreased be sure to take a peek at your struts to see if you can identify the trouble.

Low corner of the car

If one corner of your vehicle appears to be lower than the rest but all of the tires are properly inflated it is easy to come to the conclusion that suspension components in that particular corner have failed.

Excessive bouncing

If you believe that your suspension system has been compromised you can perform a quick test to see if it is really what’s giving you ride discomfort. Push on the hood or trunk of your vehicle several times to get it to start bouncing up and down. Once you stop pushing the car should return to its normal ride height within three to four bounces, any more than that and you can certainly bet on suspension failure.

The suspension is key to a comfy and safe ride so never put off having it repaired should you believe it is giving you trouble. For superior suspension repair in Plano for your import or domestic vehicle make an appointment with Auto Fix It. Our team of certified technicians will quickly diagnose and repair the issue, ensuring a reliable ride. We conduct all sorts of auto maintenance and repair so give us a call today at (972)509-4517 for exceptional auto repair in Plano.