Engine Replacement McKinney

Underneath the hood of your car there are a numerous of things that can go wrong.  The engine that gives your car the power to move the vehicle is extremely complex, with a mix of mechanical and electrical systems.  There was a time when you could work on your car yourself, not today.  Vehicles today have a computer regulating every part of engine operation.  If your engine develops a problem, the best solution is to use a truly competent McKinney auto mechanic.

Auto Fix It offers professional engine diagnostic testing to determine problems and solve even the most challenging situations. We have the specialized equipment for diagnostic test services, and over 20 years of experience in engine repair and replacement.

For the most part, minor engine repairs, in McKinney, are a one day job for our shop.  More involved repairs can take longer depending on the issue.  The larger more complex repairs are usually engine replacements or rebuilding.  Major engine repairs are just short of engine rebuilding. Major engine repair is focused on a specific problem and requires a level of engine dismantlement.  Some of the most common major engine repair jobs include: head gaskets replacement, valve jobs, timing belts or timing chains replacement, correcting issues with broken rods or stuck lifters.

When a major repair will not solve the problem, then the next step is to decide if an engine replacement is necessary or a simple engine rebuild.  At Auto Fix It, our team can undertake any level of engine rebuild, if the solution warrants.  A McKinney engine rebuild can be classified as either partial or complete.  A partial engine rebuild involves pulling and rebuilding heads, most often. Intake and exhaust valves are located in the engine heads along with rocker arms and a few other parts that can fail. Pulling heads requires a new head gasket, valve cover gasket and machine shop services. Depending on the situation it could include replacing valves, seals, springs, rocker arms and adjusting these parts.

A complete engine rebuild can include machining the block and heads; and replacing rods, lifters, pistons, crank shaft, cam shafts, timing belt or chain, and related engine parts. When undergoing an engine rebuild it’s a recommended to replace the fuel injectors, fuel pump, spark plugs and wires, ignition coil packs, hoses and belts. Sometimes, we can reuse parts from your existing motor.

Other times, our McKinney customers are forced to decide if a full engine replacement is necessary. We are the experts at replacing car engines. The most common reason for an engine replacement is the cost to replace a car engine is less than repairing the old engine. When is this case true?

  • The engine has seized or has severe internal damage
  • The engine has extremely high mileage but otherwise your car is in good shape
  • Replacing your engine is a better option than buying a new car

We can pull your old engine, install the new engine and have it ready for you in only a few days. The most cost effective option is installing a used motor with relatively low miles. It is possible to buy a new engine that has been completely machined and rebuilt.

Don’t trust your McKinney engine replacement to any auto shop.  Rely on the best and the most trustworthy.  Auto Fix It has worked hard to earn its reputation as the most honest and affordable auto shop in McKinney.  Call us today!